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With years of experience in supply chain, operations management, general management, and cross-cultural business/relationship management across Asia, Peregrine can provide personal coaching or small-class format training services to clients. We can provide coaching or training in the following areas:

  • Supply Chain – We can provide advice or training for all aspects of supply chain management: sourcing, quality, materials, logistics, and finance/metrics management.
  • Supply Chain Ethics – We can help clients navigate the difficult issues arising from cross-cultural supply chain and organizational management. We understand the differences between practices and norms of relationship management between local employees and foreign employers, including FCPA interpretation and issues. We can help you understand and manage your team to minimize risk.
  • Lean Operations – We can provide advice or training for Lean Manufacturing and Lean Management in factory or professional environments. We also have knowledge and expertise in 6 Sigma practices.
  • General Management – We have experience running foreign direct investment start-up manufacturing companies in Vietnam, and can help senior managers manage the complex issues that arise while managing an international company in this market.
  • Business Model Development – We have experience developing the complex business models necessary to successfully project cost and performance in Vietnam. We can help clients create or improve their business models and assumptions.