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Welcome To Peregrine

Peregrine Management International is dedicated to providing client-forward management advice. Lean Manufacturing is at the core of our thinking and processes, so you can expect us to offer data-driven, flexible, sustainable, and simple solutions to your business problems.

John Dwyer, Managing Director

General manager with executive leadership skills and manufacturing startup experience in Vietnam. With 19 years at Fortune 500 companies, John has deep experience in international business, new product introductions, strategic sourcing, Lean Manufacturing, and 6 Sigma. Successfully managed an international M&A project to create a JV entity in Vietnam in the specialty vehicles industry.


Latest Insights

Intel Considers Expansion of Operations in Vietnam
Intel Considers Expansion of Operations in Vietnam

According to this article, Intel is considering an expansion to their $1B facility in Ho Chi Minh City. This news is especially poignant for me. At the same time I was working on the project that would eventually take me to Vietnam, I was also pursuing an MBA at the Carlson School of Business. One of the case studies in the program was a Harvard case about Intel deciding in which country to place a new assembly & test plant. The case had Intel evaluating China, India, Thailand, and Vietnam as potential sites. The case study was not only well constructed, but historically Intel chose Vietnam, the investment was so successful that they would triple the scale of the plant very quickly. As I was engaged in the same activity at my employer, and was already planning to recommend Vietnam, the case was one form of validation for me.

Here's a link to purchase the case: 
HBR Case Study

While I was looking for the Harvard Case, I came across an extensive review of the Intel investment published by Fulbright University Vietnam. The Fulbright paper, Intel Products Vietnam: 10-year Investment Impact Study Report 2006-2016, covers not only Intel’s outcomes but gets into extensive detail on the impact the investment had on Vietnam.  It’s a good read for anyone interested in investing or operating in Vietnam.